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About us

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Leaders of Men Inc. is a non-profit organization focused on instilling leadership development skills that

teaches our young men what is needed to

manage your thoughts, emotions, attitudes

and actions. We are geared at focusing on ways

to work well with others by developing

interpersonal skills and the ability to build and

maintain relationships by empowering young

leaders and giving them the tools to discover the

skills to build effective work groups and

communication skills


Respect Should Be the First Thing You Lead With


Anthony E. McDonald Sr.,

Executive Director/Founder

Our nonprofit organization started as an idea. Our founder, Anthony E. McDonald Sr., wanted to talk to young men  about life, his journey, what he went through, and what they can learn from it. Information and awareness are the keys to survival and make better choices and persevere through any adversity that they may be experiencing.


Even at a young age, Anthony was taught to respect others, to look people in the eyes, and become a leader. Anthony was thrown into the workforce at an early age without being equipped with the life skills he needed. As such, Leaders of Men Inc. will provide young men with leadership development training that will help them navigate through life.



Cheryl McDonald spent 15 years in the United States Air Force with 9 of the 15 years of service in the United Air Force Reserves. During her service in the United States Air Force she was educated and worked as a Human Resources Section    Manager and a Supply Chain Manager. During her service in the United States Air Force Cheryl worked in the corporate world with Fortune 500 organizations in progressive roles. Cheryl always had a calling to help people and share her vast experience with others. Growing up in East Oakland, California, Cheryl has seen the struggles of not having the proper guidance and what it means to have strong mentors in your corner. Being a part of Leader of Men Inc affords Cheryl the opportunity to be the difference our community needs.

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Cheryl McDonald

Chief Operating Officer/CO-Founder

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